Boka Härjedalen of Sweden is a company situated in Hede. We offer activities, accommodation and travel to Härjedalen depending on what the guest want. The company is run by me, Eva-Marie Nordström and sometimes also my husband Peter Eriksson.

My name is Ylva and me and my family run Sonfjällscampingen, a small and cozy camping in Hedeviken. The camping is located near lake Vågen and river Ljusnan overlooking mount Sonfjället and the lake. At the camping you will find a small beach and a small shop. We have 10 cabins for rental and several lots for caravans and tents.

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan is a company offering a variety of courses and educations for adults.

Hedlanda Airport
Hedlanda airport was built in 1970 by the then Hede Municipality in Härjedalen. Since 1991 the airport is owned by a Hedlanda Society, a happy group of people who cares for the airport and its development. The society has around 15 flying members and 100 supporting members, but anyone who wants to help is more than welcome to join in. Since 1991 the society along with private funds has bought a tank for avgas, a hangar and a pub and provided the airport with electricity. New asphalt was laid in 2007 making the runway bigger. It is now 1 200X35 meters. We have our own pub serving food and drinks at the airport. Hedlanda is visited annually by some 90 private planes and their families, friends and business men who want to fish, hike, hunt or ski. Hedlanda Society arranges fly-in both summer and winter.


TROSAVIK Crafts & Café
Just 10 km from national park Sonfjället, in Hedeviken, you will find the old school building that today is called Trosavik Crafts & Café. This is a good place to visit on a day out. We serve homemade bread and delicious meals. The small shop is filled with crafts and antiques and books and music from the area. The convivial atmosphere is ideal for meetings and celebrations.